Best 10 Jobs in Nigeria 2019 and How to Get Them Quickly

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I know you want to know the best 10 jobs in Nigeria and will also want to know how to get them if they require you to write and application for them and also you will need to know how to cultivate the skills needed in getting those that you may not likely need to apply for but just need to develop it from within you till it starts paying you loads upon loads of benefits, both financial and other forms you may think of.

The details of the best 10 jobs in Nigeria as at the moment may shock some of us, as many on the list are things we list expect. Many people, especially students may as well be looking up to know the Best 10 Jobs in Nigeria so as to direct their schooling attention and careers towards it. But don’t get it twisted, reality has shown that over time, it does not really depend on your career or course of study to get to do a particular job, not only in Nigeria, but the world at large, but it takes your commitment to building yourself up in the area you require by developing the skills, knowledge and courage needed to create them or earn them.

So obvious is this fact that even the list of the Best 10 Jobs in Nigeria as at 2019 will amaze you as most of them are borne out of individual passions and talents, as well as those learnt from the pages of a book and on the board in the confines of a classroom.

Best Jobs in Nigeria 2019.

After laying the foundations of this article, is time to let you into knowing the top ten best jobs in Nigeria. There are;

Entertainment: The most lucrative job in Nigeria right now happens to be found in the world of entertainment, with music topping the list. Acting, comedy, modelling, shows promotion and the likes all forming the other high paying jobs under this category. As we had been discussing earlier, we can rightly see that this is a job you may need little or no educational qualification, CV and other documents to apply for, but just your skills and talent.

Engineering: Right after music and other forms of entertainment, the best 10 jobs in Nigeria as regarding take home pay or financial benefits are the groups of jobs found in the world of engineering. Petroleum, Chemical, Aeronautics and Electrical Engineering jobs are those paying the much in Nigeria.

Non-Governmental Organizations: Surprising enough, the NGO’s are one of the best 10 jobs in Nigeria that you can find yourself in. There are many of them found all around Nigeria and are mostly funded by the USAID and UNAID. Find an NGO and enroll in now. Their qualifications and requirements are not that high and you are going to grow faster through the ranks.

Business: Jobs in the private sectors and other small and medium scale businesses are among the best 10 jobs in Nigeria as at the now. Better start your business now and try growing it or find a way to get into one and help build it.

Medical Profession: The medical profession is making up the best jobs in Nigeria now. Surgeons, Doctors and their likes are enjoying a sort of a good break at the moment.

Programming and Online Marketing: Online and computer centered jobs like programming, blogging, online marketing and the likes are beginning to gain grounds and are now among the best paid jobs in Nigeria.

Aviation: The aviation sector and its jobs are now one of the best 10 jobs in Nigeria as there have simply become very lucrative with the growth of the industry.

Telecommunications: The telecommunication industry now offers one of the best fields for jobs in Nigeria. As you may know, this sector spins out much from the populace are so it sounds only fair enough that the pay well too.

Investment Banking: Investment banking is a very good job you can find yourself in at the moment in Nigeria. Guess you can start tilting towards developing yourself in this area.

Professional Teaching: The teachers always will complain of not being well taken care of, but at the moment, among the best 10 jobs in Nigeria is professional teaching. Though we know that the most financially rewarding part of it is those at higher levels, the teaching profession makes up the best jobs we have around.

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