Biography of Nkosikho Mbele – The Petrol Attendant

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This is the full biography of Nkosikho Mbele. Nkosikho Mbele – Act of Kindness, #NkosikhoMbele is a citizen of South Africa who helped an unknown woman by paying for her bills (R100) in the fuel station which he is currently working as a petrol attendant.

As reported, this unknown woman forgot her card at Shell Ultra City outside Cape Town on May 30 2019 and this lead to the strand she faced at the fuel station where Nkosikho Mbele is working as a fuel attendant.

Hence, Shell Chairman Hloniphizwe Mtolo appreciated his did and has promised to award him the sum of R500,000.

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Biography of Nkosikho Mbele.

To be certain, we do not know the real biography of #NkosikhoMbele as he is just a commoner in South Africa. But with this excellent act, he will surely make a name in the universe and history will never forget him.

Nkosikho Mbele Profile.


Do we still have good citizens like Nkosikho Mbele in South Africa? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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