Biography of Thato Valencia Mmatli, Profile and Net Worth

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This page contains the full biography of Thato Valencia Mmatli, Profile and her Net Worth. Everything about Thato Valencia Mmatli will be revealed in this article.

Biography of Thato Valencia.

Mmatli has just been accepted for the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2019 out of more than 2000 applicants and 50 000 from the African continent.

Thato Valencia Mmatli’s Profile.

Thato is 28 years old. She was raised in a humble home in Soweto. She takes care of her family in terms of education and other things.

Thato is an avid reader and advocate for the liberating capacity of literature.

Qualification and Experience.

Thato is a registered Industrial Psychologist and has work experiences within the corporate, consulting and government services in South Africa.

She has two master’s degrees, her alma maters include the University of Johannesburg (undergraduate studies), Wits University (Postgraduate Psychology studies) and Linnéuniversitetet in Sweden (International Leadership and Management studies).

Thato was the former chairperson of the Kalmar Network for Future Global Leaders, an initiative to promote youth agency and currently the Deputy President for the Sweden Alumni Network in South Africa.

Thato Valencia Mmatli’s Net Worth.


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