N-Power Moni Review – Is it Legit, Scam or a Ponzi Scheme?

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Have you heard of N-Power Moni, the latest loan in Nigeria? Do you wish to learn everything about this loan, how it works and if it is a scam or a ponzi scheme like MMM and others? This is a review of the N-Power Moni scheme.

N-Power Moni Review.

N-Power Moni is a platform introduced to provide Micro loans to NPower volunteers. According to the scheme, volunteers will get up to ₦100,000 once approved.

Is it Legit or a Scam?

Many Nigerians have been wondering if this scheme is legit, a scam or a ponzi scheme just like MMM and many other ponzi scheme that has been created recently.

Please kindly note that the N-Power Moni is not a Federal Government scheme. It is a Scam. Fraudsters are using this scheme to scam a lot of people and get money from them in exchange to give them a loan to startup or fund their business.

N-Power Nigeria has warned the citizens of Nigeria not to engage themselves in this fraudulent act as they have no hands in it. Below is the what N-Power Nigeria Said about the N-Power Moni;

Dear N-Power Beneficiaries,
Please disregard news about a product called N-Power Moni. This is NOT from the Federal Government or the National Social Investment Programme Office.

Any news or links NOT shared by our verified social media handles should be deemed as FALSE.



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