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Do you want to get the NNPC Past Questions and Answers? Did you apply for NNPC recruitment and you are looking for past questions to guide you in the forthcoming CBT aptitude test? We have made available the past questions for you.

NNPC Past Questions.

As an applicant of the NNPC Recruitment, this past questions and answers are very important to you. This past question will help you a lot to know what to expect in the examination, it will help you develop in you an effective test strategy, it will help you improve your examination speed, accuracy, and also help you gain confidence in the examination hall. This NNPC past question gives you a focused insight into what to expect in the forthcoming examination. it will help increase your experience and makes you understand patterns of questions from this agency and how they set their examination.

The best of it all is that you will easily recall answers to questions you have read or memorized on this past question if you see them in the exam hall and it will really help you save your time to attend to other tougher questions.

Note: 80% of questions contained here in this past questions and answers are usually repeated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation either directly or rephrased.

NNPC Past Question and Answers Features:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Information Tech
  • Oil and Gas
  • General Sciences

1) Which of the following cities once served as Nigeria’s
administrative capital?
A. Lokoja
B. Badagry
C. Kaduna
D. Calabar
The correct answer is option [D]

2) The management term used for describing stealing of goods
displayed in a shop is:
A. theft
B. pilfering
C. shoplifting
D. shopstealing
E. shopdodging
The correct answer is option [C] 77

3) The acronym UNCTAD stands for?
A. United Nations Committee on Trade and Development
B. United Nations Council on Trade and Development.
C. United Nations Commission onTrade andDevelopment.
D. United Nations Conference on Trade andDevelopment.
The correct answer is option [D]

4)The Nigerian Police went on strike for the first time ever on
A. December 16, 2005
B. February 02, 2002
C. March 30, 1998
D. October 07, 2000
The correct answer is option [B]

5) In which city is the headquarters of the United
Nations located?
A. Venice
B. New York
C. Geneva
D. Berlin
E. London
The correct answer is option [B]

How to purchase the NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

This past questions and answers is not free of charge. It is for sale because it took us time and a whole lot of stress to get this past questions and compile them in one pdf file. So for this reason, we will charge you a token.

To gain access or download this past questions you are expected to pay a token of 2,000 naira only into the Bank account provided below if you want to purchase the NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers and have it on your mobile device or laptop.

Account Details;

Account Name: NSISONG ENE
Account Number: 3116249639

What to do after payment.

After paying the above mentioned amount successfully to the account provided, please send us the following details:

1. Depositors Name
2. Name of the Account used for payment
3. Email address (Make sure the email you send to us is accessible by you)
4. Past question paid for (Name of past question)

We also accept Mobile Transfer!

Follow the steps above and send the details to 08129979325 to complete your order.

Or you can simply message the admin on WhatsApp – 08129979325

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